St Vincent Holidays

St Vincent was originally known as Hairouna (“The Land of the Blessed”) and it is not hard to see why. A st vincent holidays will allow you to witness the exclusive island with its lush tropical forests, inspiring mountains, and unspoilt beaches. It is full of secluded coves, spectacular waterfalls and breath-taking scenery. The economy centres on agriculture, and bananas and coconut palms are the main exports. Continue reading

Barbados Holidays

The very name “Barbados” is enough to put anyone in the mood for a vacation, conjuring up visions of warm sands, clear blue seas and tropical sunshine. The Caribbean island’s outstanding natural beauty, glorious weather and wealth of attractions makes it the perfect place to visit any time of the year.  Barbados holidays are simply the pinnacle of luxury. Continue reading

Dominican Republic Holidays

 A favourite for holiday makers, Dominican Republic Holidays are unrivalled in luxury and style.  It is an island of beautiful white sandy beaches and enticing sunshine. An island paradise, it is best known for its idyllic setting allowing for a relaxing break in a spectacular natural landscape. East of the larger island of Haiti, it sits between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean. It’s also an island ideal for adventure travel, with its rugged mountains, coastline and cliffs providing opportunities for rock-climbing, caving, hiking, kayaking, scuba diving, and even monster truck driving! Continue reading

St Lucia Holidays

With a St Lucia Holidays you will witness the tropical island as it rises from the eastern Caribbean Sea, with Martinique to the south and Barbados at its north-west. A St Lucia holiday is a popular honeymoon location with amazing beaches and gorgeous Caribbean sunshine, but there is much more to this island paradise than first meets the eye. There is a wealth of local traditions and crafts as well as awe-inspiring natural landscapes with exotic plants and a rainforest ideal for trekking through. Continue reading