About Us

The Caribbean Travel Channel is a company started by James Thorne and Eric McDonald. It has grown into a big company, which is trusted by travelers all over the world. Their website is fast and as to use and has all the information when planning to travel to the Caribbean. Every day we help people make their dreams come true by enabling them to book an accommodation waited for years to enjoy in the Caribbean. This is a platform where travelers can compare various destinations and select the best for them. We bring to your doorstep a broad choice of accommodation and places to stay while traveling to the Caribbean.

Our mission

Our mission is to give the best to our website users. We use digital technology to give people power people to travel around the Caribbean. There is no more friction when planning to visit; our site has made your booking all smooth. James and Eric brought their vast experience in travel booking from their former jobs to our site. Nothing can go amiss when you use our website as we are the most active travel booking site for all Caribbean travelers.

incredible places

At Caribbean Travel Channel, we connect people with incredible places to stay in the Caribbean. We have everything that travelers need when looking for accommodation including 5-star hotels, luxury resorts, apartments and vacation homes. You can easily find all this information on our mobile app and website that contain thousands of properties and destinations in various Caribbean cities.


Every day, thousands of rooms and other accommodation spots are reserved through our site. People traveling for holidays, business and other functions can make instant bookings and be sure to enjoy their stay in the Caribbean. Whether you are searching for a beach, resort, an apartment, countryside hotel or a five-star accommodation, you will get in our website as we offer fantastic diversity and the full range of choices in one platform.

Best Rates

At Caribbean Travel Channel, we cater for travelers of all walks. We make sure that you get the best rates possible to help you find something that matches your budget. This is the one online booking site where you are guaranteed to find great deals. However, you must check terms and conditions as some of the offers and discounts are only given if you make full payment in advance.



When making a reservation via our site, you are not charged anything; it’s all free. The booking is confirmed immediately after a few clicks. It is secure as we make thousands of reservations daily and observe high standards to guarantee our website users privacy.

If you have any uncertainty or questions before booking, you can contact our customer support. We are available 24 hours in a day. It is easy as you will find some who speaks your language. Our website customer support uses some of the common language in the world including English, French, Italian, German and many others. We are dedicated to providing you will valuable information whenever you need it. We are you travel caring partner.