Top 3 Caribbean Islands

Caribbean Islands are a gem that you do not want to miss when going for a holiday. They are the ultimate getaways for tourists for thrilling adventures and relaxing destinations. However, you have to check out on the most friendly island to visit because they are so many that you may end up going to one that will not suit your taste. There are many activities that you enjoy including shopping and water sports. Here are top three Caribbean Islands that are a must visit.


Bonaire Island is known exclusively for snorkeling and scuba diving because it does not have sandy beaches. The diving sites are easily accessible, and this island is rated as one of the best shore diving destinations in the world. It has over eighty dive sites, which are offshore. The waters are manifest, which enhances visibility making Bonaire a perfect place for you to relax and also take underwater photos. If you want to enjoy a good time of the waters, there are bird watching sites and other intriguing sights.

The Sorobon Beach and Jibe City make Bonaire eastern coast excellent for kiteboard flying. It is the windward side that has mixed weather including a lot of wind and sunshine. You will not fall short of accommodations as there luxurious resorts, 5-star hotels, oceanfront apartments and many other choices in Bonaire.

St Maarten

St. Maarten is a beautiful and relaxing island just like most Caribbean holiday destinations. It has beautiful beaches where you can play with water or the sands. It is excellent for a couple, alone holiday goers or family. However, most of the beaches on this island are clothing optional especially the Orient Bay, or one of these two places: and

For outdoor activities lovers, St. Maarten is ideal for hiking in the Pic Du Paradis. There is also the St Maarten Zoological Park, which has various animals and birds. Tourists are allowed to pick some foods as they enter the park to help them friends with some of the animals.

There is also Casino Royale for those that enjoy playing the tables and duty-free shopping at Front Street. It is a fantastic experience as you visit two colonies simultaneously; St. Martin’s and St Maarten are combined, and the Dutch and French cultures mix so well giving the island a fantastic diversity. It is one island with a mixture of untamed and urban beautiful landscapes that look like the rainforest, adventurous caves, wildlife, and white beaches.

The Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic occupies a big part of the Hispaniola Caribbean Island on the eastern side. It is one the Caribbean countries with diverse geography that includes desert scrubland, beautiful, stunning mountain scenery, stunning beaches and artistic colonial architecture. The DR has hundreds of kilometers making the coastlines. They are different with some with white sand beaches combined with palm trees. Other parts of the shore have dramatic rocky cliffs, mangrove lagoons and dunes swept by the wind. You can enjoy fishing or water sports, but some areas are full of whales, and you may need some guidance on how to enjoy the natural beauty of the DR coastline. The Dominican Republic has rural areas where you can see horses and cows grazing. If you get further inland, rivers are passing through the jungle with stunning waterfalls. The Dominicans are friendly people and love visitors so you can join their festivals and have fun. The locals love partying and its fun especially during the Carnival celebrations that take place all over the country. Surely, thare are more islands to explore… For example, have you ever heard of Curacao? It’s not only drop-dead-gorgeous island it’s also a place where online casinos from all over the world get their licensces. Including Indian ones, so you find cricket betting sites and many more online casino activities in relation with Curacao.